iPad Pro M4 13 inch Review

iPad Pro M4 13 inch Review

After a long wait of two years, Apple finally released their latest iPad Pro in 2024. As of today, the iPad user’s have been deliberately seeking amazing productivity from their large handheld tablet type device. Yet, in most cases few of the updates are really noticeable from the last gen’s iPad, which was released back in 2022, like almost two years ago.

Apple unveiled their new iPad series, the iPad Pro M4 13inch model and 11-inch model, along with a bunch of new peripherals as well. Like the 2nd Gen Pencil Pro, iPad Air mini with more features . After the release of the new iPad for 2024, consumers immediately got hyped with the updated design, new chipset and same old performance that won’t disappoint.

Today let’s understand about the latest iPad Pro M4, we’ll specially talk about the larger model. Which is the iPad Pro M4 13inch one, and talk about it’s new design features, performance upgrade from model and is it worth it for you to buy or not.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into today’s review:

Table of Contents:

1. iPad Pro M4: Pros & Cons

While still having great performance and quality features, here’s a quick look at iPad Pro M4’s good sites and bad sites at a glance:

Pros:   Cons:
👍🏻 Lightweight and handy for carrying;

👍🏻 Superb performance from the new M4 chip;

👍🏻 Gorgeous Tandem OLED display;

👍🏻 Reliable battery life for all day;

👍🏻 Pro level camera quality like cinematic 4K;

👎🏻 No Waterproof rating.

👎🏻 More Expensive than last year’s Model;

👎🏻 Does not come with dedicated MicroSD slot for memory expansion;

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2. iPad Pro M4: Design & Build

  • Aluminum Back & Frame
  • Glass Front
  • Silver Or Space Black

iPad Pro M4 Design & Build


Let’s talk about the most hyped feature of this year’s iPad Pro, which is none other than the thinner profile of the iPad. As you literally get one of the thinnest products from Apple this year, as they had made quite a cut down from last year’s model. As per Apple, they’ve made nearly a quarter of a pound lighter compared to 2022’s iPad Pro’s model. Making it one of the sleekest devices while in use.  

iPad Pro feels comfortable on hand, thanks to it’s all around curved shape and size and slimmer profile. There’s also volume button placement at the left side, just beside the camera’s, which seems quite tactile and clicky. 

There’s a dedicated charging station on the left side as well, for charging your latest generation Apple Pencil whenever you need to. One thing that is absent here and everyone is not talking about is the “water rating” from Apple, which is missing like last models. So it is advisable to be aware of water around the iPad Pro, as Apple did not make any comment about the waterproofing or water rating of this thing.


As for color options, you get the typical Silver and a new Space Black edition, which is just a matte black. Both colors look smart and premium on hand whenever you are doing productivity work.


As for the build quality, everything is similar to last year’s model in terms of material of course. All around aluminum finish and glass front for protecting the gorgeous display. The device is lighter now, with around 579 grams, and it’s about 15% lighter compared to two year’s back iPad Pro released back in 2022. 

In terms of thickness. 5.1mm thin and light design, making you handle and carry the iPad Pro whenever you are moving around makes it quite easy. I mean literally, you get about 20.3% thinner in thickness compared to the previous iPad Pro model. 

You will feel so light and comfortable while playing on this year’s iPad Pro M4, as the device is thinner and lightweight, which makes you comfortably game or watch streaming contents for longer hours. 

3. iPad Pro M4: Display

  • 13-inch | Tandem OLED
  • 120Hz ProMotion Display
  • 1600 nits Peak Brightness

iPad Pro M4 Display

Viewing angle seems to have broken all the records of the previous iPad models. As you do not get an IPS LCD like this year, now there’s the advanced “Tandem OLED technology” in the content viewing game. And Apple has given you not one but two OLED panels in one display, which makes the viewing richer and with crisp details.

There’s also wide color, HDR10, and Dolby Atmos support which literally mix the view angle quite great when you’re watching Netflix and Amazon prime contents. Apple’s signature promotion display is there as well, which literally makes your not display go as low as 10 hertz to up to 120 hertz and it effectively saves battery which is quite a good feature from Apple.

To protect the amazing display there is a scratch-resistance glass for only 256GB and 500GB variants. Although there is a higher protection as well, like the Nano-texture display glass option, which protects the display better but that is only available for 1 Terabyte and 2 terabyte storage options.

So if you need better protection make sure you have that extra money to spend on the higher models.

4. iPad Pro M4: Camera

  • 12MP Wide Angle Rear Camera (4K Recording)
  • 12MP Front Ultrawide Camera (1080p Recording)
  • TOF 3D Lidar Scanner

iPad Pro M4 Camera

When it comes to camera qualities, Apple did not make any changes from last year. I mean literally you get the same lens and same resolution as the 2022’s iPad Pro model. 

For the main camera there is the 12 megapixel wide Angle lens which should be quite good in the broad daylight. Thanks to the 4K resolution capability, you can also take very good videos while traveling around  with the iPad Pro. There’s also a stunning cinematic 4K capturing capability with this iPad Pro M4, that lets you make quality independent films with greater cinematic editing power.

Everyday blog creation and videography in the broad daylight looks very colorful due to the very good f/1.8 aperture of the rare camera which is the same aperture of the last model like the iPad pro 2022. or their equipment. Picture quality is little better thank you for the updated processor of m4 chipset which brings better image processing.

There is also another thing that is or noting which is the display now as the display is OLED so you get better feeling angle from the last years model as the last model was LCD model but currently with the wallet panel and and white color Preethi enabled portrait photography seems quite good.

Front Camera

Talking about the front facing camera it’s still 12 megapixel just like before in the 2022 talking about the front facing camera it’s still 12 megapixel just like before in the 2022 iPad pro and you still get 1080p recording for the videography of the front camera.

LiDAR Scanner

Apple could have given secondary camera but instead they still stick with the top 3D depth camera sensor which was before it was 10 megapixel currently still I guess it’s 10 megapixel and camera which literally helps you scan the outer environmental for example furniture very easily or for the people who working in a construction will get very good scanner for scanning there atmosphere

5. iPad Pro M4: Performance

  • 9-core 4.4 GHz (3 performance cores, 6 efficiency cores) – 256/512GB models
  • 10-core 4.4 GHz (4 performance cores, 6 efficiency cores) – 1/2TB models

iPad Pro M4 Performance

In the performance section there is a pro level upgrade right here. Creators and movie makers and also productivity users will be happy to know that now you get very good processing power compared to the last iPad pro. 

Now Apple introduced the new chipset which is the M4 chip, and it literally gives you a single core extra from the previous model. You get 9 cores for the processing power which is about 4.4 gigahertz and that comes from three performance cores and 6 efficiency cores. And this processing power is about 26.07% faster compared to the last M2 iPad Pro, which had 3.49GHz. Do remember one thing, which is this 9-core option is only applicable for 256 GB and 512gb variants. 

And yes, Apple kept the higher cores for the more expensive models, if you’re willing to you spend a little more money for them. And we are talking about the one terabyte in 2 terabyte storage option which comes with 10-cores actually and delivers a similar posting power of 4.4 gigahertz with 4 performance cores and 6 efficiency cores. So editing videos and making movies in the logic pro app or final cut pro seems quite good and it does work like a flash. 

Performance Scores

While testing the iPad Pro in the processor checking apps, like the AnTuTu scores, iPad Pro M4 scored about 255K+ in terms of CPU, GPU and RAM performance testing. In terms of the Geekbench 6 scores, you get around 13K+ score for the multi-core results. Now, this is great, as it’s like almost 40-50% improvement compared to the last iPad Pro performance tests.


As for the gaming section the m4 chip is capable enough of giving 10 core GPU as like the previous iPad pro 2022 model. And playing modern games, like Call of Duty Mobile or PUBG Mobile delivers really good graphical output and crisp visuals.

Gaming on this iPad pro m4 is white good as you get a slimmer profile so handling is quite great and playing your favorite games like asphalt pubg mobile delivers quite good FPS and realistic viewing when you play in HDR mode. 

Audio & Video

When it comes to audio and video, the Apple iPad Pro truly amazes you, because there’s a large OLED screen in front of you and the more you watch it the better you feel in content consumption. 

Thanks to the dolby atmos and dolby digital plus, which is an extraordinary sound system from Dolby, it delivers you a greater immersive experience like a theater-like sound journey with your iPad Pro M4. 

There is also HDR10 & Dolby Vision that makes your movie experience richer and clearer, so whenever you’re watching high resolution movies with great cinematic sounds, it will truly feel an amazing experience. 


Nothing changes in this portion as you literally get the same features like before. There is Wi-Fi 6E, which works perfectly and gives you faster download and upload speed. Whenever playing Battle Royale games you will have a very smooth experience. 

There is either cellular or Wi-Fi option; you can use the SIM option if you are interested in calling offline but there is no physical SIM. Do remember you have to buy or have an e-SIM from your preferred cellular network for making offline calls. 

Bluetooth connectivity is like before as well as you get version 5.3 which works perfectly with your modern wireless headphones and Apple Airpods 2nd generation.

6. iPad Pro M4: New Apple Pencil 2024

  • Magnetic Attachment (charging)
  • Apple Pencil Hover | Haptic Feedback | Squeeze  
  • Apple “Find My”

Apple pencil Pro Feature

On the May 15’s Apple’s “Let Loose” event, Apple unveiled the new Pencil Pro which had lots of new pro level features for creators. Pairing your pencil pro is easy, just place it on the left landscape side of your iPad Pro, which is the charging spot. Once placed, you will get introduced with the Pencil Pro and later plug in will show your battery level percentage of your Pencil Pro.

As like before, the Apple “pencil hover” features are there, while painting or choosing an app, you will see the options highlighted or enlarged for better understanding what you’re selecting. There’s also a new feature called “haptic feedback”, which gives you a physical vibrating feeling whenever you do a task. This  was done via a custom haptic engine inside the Pencil pro 2024, which provides precise feedback that you can feel.

Another cool feature of the Apple pencil pro is the “Squeeze” feature, it is a really useful and pretty nifty tool that lets you bring a new palette, so you can quickly switch tools, line weights, and colors in your creative applications or help you while doing animation projects.

You can now even find the Apple Pencil pro whenever you lose it with the help of “Find My” application. So anytime you accidentally drop your pencil pro or leave it somewhere, you can now use the iPad Pro to find your Pencil Pro if it is connected with Find My. 

7. iPad Pro M4: OS and Features

  • iPadOS 17.5

iPad Pro M4 13 inch OS and Features

At first glance, every gesture and all the viewing angles seems similar like last year’s iPad models which had iPadOS 16.1. Although for the new iPad Pro, you get the new iPadOS 17.5, and it looks and functions like the previous gen iPad model with few new features.

There’s the quick application floating window by slowly opening the apps on the bottom. Slide over apps are quite useful as well, as they appear on your iPad Pro’s screen on the side. Once you’re in an application there’s a three dot on top of each application, tapping on you get split screen, full screen or even slide over option depending your preferred usage.

One of the newest features of the iPad Pro M4 this year is using the “Advanced Augmented Reality”, thanks to the TOF 3D Lidar scanner that makes it possible to scan and measure objects surrounded by you. Probably going to be a very practical and functional feature if you are a creative interior designer or working at a construction company and need a quick measurement of your surrounding objects.

8. iPad Pro M4: Battery Life

  • 10290mAh Li-Po (13-inch)
  • Type-C 4 (Thunderbolt 3)

iPad Pro M4 13 inch Battery Life

iPad Pro M4 of 2024 comes with a large 10290mAh lithium-polymer battery. Now it’s a little less compared to last iPad Pro M2 which had 10758mAh battery, making the new iPad Pro M4 13inch battery a 4.3% smaller. 

Apple did mention in their website that you can browse the internet for up to 10 hours of web surfing and watching high end contents, so for movie streamers this big battery will be helpful. For casual user’s and simple productivity users, a day’s charge is really worth it, and won’t give you annoying charging messages in mid-day. However, for those who are going for aggressive mode, the iPad Pro won’t hold you back..

As the big battery is designed to power through even the most demanding tasks, be it streaming FHD content or playing graphics-intensive games. So it is advisable for power users to choose the large iPad Pro M4 13inch model that comes with a big battery compared to the 11-inch model.

When it comes to charging, iPad Pro M4 utilizes a convenient Type-C 4 (Thunderbolt 3) port.  This not only allows for fast and reliable charging. Thanks to Apple for including the Type-C port for charging, as it will make you worry-less of finding old lightning cables around you.

9. iPad Pro M4: Specs

And if you are looking for a more detailed view of the apple watch iPad Pro M4 13 inch review, here are all the major specifications of the iPad Pro M4:

Specs iPad Pro M4 – 13 inch
Display 13.0 inches | 2064 x 2752 pixels | Ultra Retina Tandem OLED | 120Hz (ProMotion technology with adaptive refresh rates 10Hz to 120Hz) | HDR10 | Dolby Vision | 1600 nits Max Brightness | Wide color (P3) | True Tone
Protection Scratch-resistant glass | Oleophobic coating | Glass front, aluminum back, aluminum frame
Dimensions 281.6 x 215.5 x 5.1 mm | Stylus support, bluetooth integration, magnetic (Apple Pencil Pro, Apple Pencil 2)
SIM eSIM (not compatible with physical SIM cards)
CAMERA Rear: 12 MP, f/1.8, (wide) | TOF 3D LiDAR Scanner (depth) | 4K Up to 60fps | Cinematic Mode 4K | gyro-EIS | 5x Digital Zoom | Smart HDR 4 | AIS

Front: 12, f/2.4 (Ultrawide) | 1080p | HDR

Platform Chipset: Apple M4
CPU: 9-core 4.4 GHz (3 performance cores, 6 efficiency cores)
1 & 2TB Model: 10-core 4.4 GHz (4 performance cores, 6 efficiency cores)
GPU: Apple GPU (10-core graphics)
OS: iPadOS 17.5.1
256GB 8GB RAM, 512GB 8GB RAM, 1TB 16GB RAM, 2TB 16GB RAM | No Dedicated Memory Slot
Audio Four speaker audio | Microphones: Studio-quality four-mic array for calls, video recording, and audio recording | Volume Buttons 
Battery Li-Po 10290 mAh
Sensors Face ID | LiDAR Scanner | Three-axis gyro | Accelerometer | Barometer | Ambient light sensors
USB USB Type-C 4 (Thunderbolt 3), DisplayPort, magnetic connector
Features Face ID (Secure Apps) | Apple Pay | Siri (Reminders) | Apple Pencil hover 
Connectivity Wi‑Fi 6E (802.11ax) with 2×2 MIMO | Simultaneous Dual Band | Bluetooth 5.3
Colors Silver, Space Black

10. Verdict

As for the last few words, in terms of the latest iPad Pro M4 13 inch model in 2024, it’s true that Apple improved their iPad Pro series and gave consumers pro level upgrades. As you get superior power from the M4 chip, tandem OLED display and 5.1mm slim and thinnest handy experience really gives you an aesthetic feel whenever holding it.

There are few things to notice as well, first of all you don’t get upgrades in the camera section as it remained just the same as two year’s back. Apple still didn’t include an IP rating or water resistance certification for their iPad Pro. Sadly, you still have to be always worried about water drops, accidental splashes or even a simple rainfall can really make you worry for your precious iPad Pro. 

One thing that is really appreciating is the thinnest profile of the iPad Pro this year, as it makes you the coolest person everyday. With the high performing M4 chip, you really become more productive whenever you carry this iPad Pro M4 along with you.

Get the iPad Pro M4 13 inch, if

  • You want the fastest performing experience from M4 chip;
  • You need the slimmest Apple iPad Pro in the world right now;
  • You require an amazing viewing experience from Tandem OLED.

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