How to hide photos on iPhone Protect What Matters the Most!

How to hide photos on iPhone: Protect What Matters the Most!

As iPhone users, we capture countless precious moments with our cameras. However, sometimes we need to keep certain photos private or confidential, and that’s where hiding photos becomes essential. 

In this article, we will guide you through a step-by-step process to protect your photos from prying eyes. Whether you have personal or sensitive data on your images, we’ll show you the benefits and advantages of hiding them on your iPhone. 

How to hide photos on iPhone: Step-by-Step Process

You can protect your iPhone right away by hiding it from prying eyes, a feature available from iOS 14 and later versions. With this handy guide, you’ll learn how to keep your iPhone discreet and secure, ensuring your privacy and peace of mind. Let’s get started on hiding your iPhone effectively.

To begin the process, simply follow the steps below:

> Open the Photos app;

> Tap on Photo Library/ Recent Photos;

> Select Photos or Videos you want to hide;

> Tap the More button in the top-right corner of the screen;

> Tap Hide Option;

> When another pop-up rises, tap on Hide Photos/ Hide Videos again to Confirm.

How to hide photos on iPhone

The selected photos will be hidden from your Camera Roll and other photo albums. They will still be stored on your iPhone, but they will be invisible to anyone who doesn’t have the face Id or touch Id of your iPhone to unhide them. 

How to unhide photos on iPhone?

You can always unhide your hidden files whenever you want to, in case to unhide photos/videos, follow the process down below:

> Open the Photos app;

> Go to the Albums tab;

> Scroll all the way down;

> There you will find “Hidden”;

> Give your “Touch ID/Face-ID” and enter the folder;

> Select the photos/videos you want to hide

> Tap the More button in the top-right corner of the screen.

> Now select the option “Unhide”.

How to uhide photos on iPhone

Once, your selected photos will be unhidden and will be added back to your recent photos and other photo albums.

How to hide the Hidden Album

If you want to completely hide the hidden album folder, you can do that as well. By doing so, your entire hidden folder will be no longer visible inside your Photos App or anywhere. To hide hidden albums on your iPhone, follow the steps down below:

> Go to Settings on your iPhone;

> Scroll down and find the “Photos app” ;

> Scroll down and find the option that says “Show Hidden Album”

> Toggle off the Show Hidden Album switch.

How to Hidden Album on iPhone


This will hide the Hidden album from the Albums tab in the Photos app. If you want to view the hidden album again, you can “toggle on” the Show Hidden Album switch to view the hidden album back at the albums of your iPhone.

Benefits of Hiding Photos on iPhone

There are several reasons why you or any other users might find these hiding photos useful.

Here are some of the benefits of hiding photos on your iPhone:

  • Privacy: Hiding your photos can help to protect your privacy. If you have photos that you don’t want others to see, hiding them can help to keep them safe.
  • Organization: Hiding your photos can also help to keep your iPhone organized. If you have a lot of photos, hiding the ones that you don’t use often can help to declutter your Camera Roll.
  • Security: Hiding your photos can also help to improve the security of your iPhone. If someone gains access to your iPhone, they won’t be able to see your hidden photos unless they know how to unhide them.

In Conclusion, hiding photos on your iPhone is crucial for reasons such as confidentiality, privacy, and safeguarding personal data. By hiding photos, you can prevent accidental or intentional sharing, and restrict access to unauthorized individuals. This is particularly important for sensitive or confidential images and when children are involved.

In this article about “How to hide photos on iphone” you just learned the easy and fast way to protect the media data that matters the most. The Hidden Album is useful for keeping photos away from prying eyes, but it’s important to note that knowledgeable individuals can still access them. Regardless of the method chosen, hiding photos on your iPhone enhances privacy and safeguards personal data.

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