Discover the Exciting Updates of iOS 16.4: A Treat for Apple Fans

Great news for all iPhone users! The long-awaited iOS 16.4 update is finally here and it brings along a lot of exciting new features. Apart from fixing bugs, the update includes upgrades to previous features as well as some exclusive ones.

You can expect a new emoji, voice isolation for calls, and much more. In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about these new features and improvements. 

So, keep reading to stay up-to-date!

Here are the big changes that iOS 16.4 update brings to the users

  • Apple added 21 new emojis to its emoji list. In this new emoji list, there are animals, hand gestures, and other objects are available. The updated emojis are now accessible through the emoji keyboard.
  • Notifications for web apps have been integrated into the Home Screen. This means that notifications from any web-based application can now be viewed on the home screen.
  • Voice Isolation feature has been introduced for mobile calls, which gives priority to your voice and eliminates background noise while you are engaged in a voice call.
  • There is a new update on the photos app.  Now the Photos app can also detect duplicate photos and videos from an iCloud Shared Photo Library.
  • A new accessibility option has been added to dim videos automatically when the phone detects strobe effects or flashes of light.
  • This update resolves one of the most talked-about issues where requests from children to Ask to Buy fail to display on the parent’s device.
  • The Crash Detection feature has been further enhanced and optimized for iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models.

Here are  the steps to get the iOS16.4 update on your phone:

  • Turn on your phone’s Wi-Fi Internet Connection.
  • Now go to Settings. 
  • Tap the General option.
  • Find Software Update.
  • Tap on Install Now.

You may have a question regarding the compatibility of the update. Interestingly, the iOS 16.4 update is available not only for the latest iPhone models, but also for older models such as the iPhone 8, and other subsequent models.

That’s all about the latest iOS 16.4  update from Apple. But, behold iPhone users. More excitement is coming!!! At the upcoming  WWDC 2023, Apple will officially unveil iOS 17 for the iPhone users. 

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