Rebranding Update: COTEetCI Reveal New Logo as COTECi

A momentous news has occurred for a well known accessories brand formerly known as COTEETCI. Well they got a ground-breaking change for their logo change and even name as well. COTEETCI came up with something short yet futuristic with their new brand name & logo that present their true identity. Let’s dive into more about the brand itself to know a little bit about them.

Elevating Your Tech Style

There’s no wonder why people love COTECi’s new gadgets and tech peripherals, as they really will surprise you from newer design, transparent touches and very good quality made material is used while making their products. 

COTECi makes accessories for both android and iOS devices. Including Universal pencil for iPad or tablets, Docking Station, Protective Case, iPad MacBook AirPods Stand and Cover, Smartwatch Cover, Wireless Charger, Portable Bag, and many more that will definitely amaze you if you are looking for tech products and in a fashionable design.

Besides that, COTECi also makes well designed computer hardwares like mouse and keyboards and other such trendy

Out with the Old COTEetCI, In with the New COTECi

The most recent news from their Official AliExpress Store says new statements, which says, QUOTE: Since April 1, 2022, the company’s products will come as a new look and brand new naming from the company. 

Shifting their older logo and name as well from “COTEeCI to the new “COTECi”. And, in the course of this overall switching period or a name transition period to be precise, the older and also the newer logo will be used together in their products.

COTECi also made it clear that, QUOTE: “To disabled all the older products which are out in the market to be disabled manufacturing, starting from April 1, 2023”. Which will eventually stop any further production of older accessories which might have their older name or brand naming marking on them. 

From an insider news, COTECi made it clear, saying, QUOTE: “This sudden brand name and brand logo changing decision has been in their mind for a long time, specifically since last year. After various management decisions and design changes, the company came up with their latest and more simpler name COTEci & the logo itself. 

What’s Happening Now?

A new product is obviously going to have the new name, which is the “COTECi” logo. And, if you have already purchased new accessories or gadgets from COTECi, you would find that the older “COTEetCI” name is no longer present, which could be a bit surprising, because of now all the latest COTECi products which are manufacturing are having their new logo and name change which has newer brand name “COTECi”. COTECi really brought the limelight back to action with their new name from their packaging to product branding. As all products have their new updated brand name.

Why the Change?

There could be various reasons why companies suddenly change their brand name and even logo change in this “COTECi situation”. As you guys have already seen, their previous name was COTEETCI which was typed as “COTEetCI” for their unique brand look. 

Although the company noticed that pronouncing their brand name can be a bit weird and in honest opinion somehow difficult for few users. Which is a pretty frustrating moment for the company when they found out that their users or fans are having a hard time pronouncing their unique name.

This is a primary reason the company decided to change their name to the new one and a more simpler one called “COTECi”. And the company was wise as well keeping their true identity of color, thankfully kept their brand color which is “deep cyan” similar to their previous brand color. This similarity of keeping the same color lets their fans recognize them very well and even say their name simply.

With this transition of brand name and also using a simpler name is COTECi’s commitment to consumer love, trust and keeping the brand loyalty intact. COTECi really ensures their fans that they are here to progress further, while also to provide better quality products to their fans and bring newer designs computer gadgets and accessories.

What’s on the Horizon for COTECi?

While there’s more futuristics gadgets on the way from COTECi, as the brand just gave their brand new look to obviously amaze the accessories consumers. There will be more gadget’s from the company in upcoming times that will include electronics and computer peripherals which might blow your mind away, and you won’t be able to hold your hands to make use of them.

Make sure you keep your eyes close to the site about the latest fun yet productive user-friendly accessories from COTECi. As they have already surprised the fans with their new user-friendly name. So yes, something hot is coming in your way guys from this exclusive accessories brand.

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