Apple Gadgets: Delights Students at NSU Boshonto Utshob Event

Apple Gadgets: Delights Students at NSU Boshonto Utshob Event

On February 15, 2024, North South University warmly welcomed Apple Gadgets to their vibrant Boshonto Utshob event. Apple Gadgets expressed profound gratitude for the overwhelming participation of more than 30,000 thousand students at our booth that’s decorated with lots of fun games to win gadgets. Their commitment to keeping customers both happy and informed about the latest gadgets at the best prices shone through their presence at the event.

The atmosphere at the Apple Gadgets stall was buzzing with energy as students, as they enthusiastically participated in fun yet simple play-and-win games. Among these, the “Play & Win” section featured basketball throw games where participants had the chance to win exciting gadgets as gifts. This interactive experience added an element of thrill to the event, leaving attendees with unforgettable memories.

Apple Gadgets: Delights Students at NSU Boshonto Utshob Event

Moreover, Apple Gadgets ensured that every participant walked away with something special. Through our “Assured Gift” feature, attendees were guaranteed to receive gadgets like earbuds, power banks, headphones and other accessories enhancing the joy of their visit to the stall.

On top of that, Apple Gadgets also gave away a surprising chance to win the “1000 Taka Voucher” offer, allowing NSU students to purchase their favorite gadgets, smartphones, or even popular gaming laptops with a discount voucher worth 1000 Taka. This added voucher not only delighted the students who particulated but also highlighted Apple Gadgets’ commitment for providing value to their delighted customers.

The collaboration between Apple Gadgets and North South University for the Boshonto Utshob event in February 2024 represents a successful synergy between gadget lovers with festive vibes. Students left the stall with smiles on their faces, equipped with both new gadgets and cherished memories.

In conclusion, Apple Gadgets’ participation in the NSU Boshonto Utshob event was met with immense excitement and appreciation from students. Through their engaging activities, generous offers, and commitment to customer satisfaction, Apple Gadgets left a lasting impression on attendees, solidifying their reputation as a leading provider of cutting-edge technology.


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