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Samsung EO-IA500 3.5mm Earphones

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    Samsung EO-IA500 3.5mm Earphones

    Samsung EO-IA 500 3.5mm Earphone, is a masterpiece of audio engineering that combines a comfortable fit, minimalist design, and exceptional sound quality. These earbuds are meticulously crafted to deliver an immersive audio experience while ensuring a snug and comfortable fit in your ears.


    Samsung EO-IA 500 3.5mm Earphone Features

    • Comfortable fit with canal type of minimalist design inheritance
    • 2-way speakers with a dedicated woofer and tweeter for balanced audio
    • Earbuds crafted to perfectly fit into the ear with different types of ear tips
    • Durable and firm wire for long-lasting quality


    Samsung EO-IA 500 3.5mm Earphone Specifications


    14.76 g

    1.2 m Cable Length


    Frequency Response

    20Hz – 20 KHz



    32 ohm










    3.5mm Jack


    Know more technical specifications of Samsung EO-IA 500 3.5mm earphones from the “Specifications” bar right beside the Description bar.


    Samsung EO-IA 500 3.5mm Earphone Price in Bangladesh

    The latest Samsung EO-IA 500 3.5mm earphone price in Bangladesh starts from 1500 BDT. It elevates your audio experience to new heights with Samsung's commitment to excellence.


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