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Realme Watch 2

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    Realme Watch 2

    The Realme Watch 2 is a cutting-edge smartwatch – that packs multiple features into a sleek and stylish design. With strong features, and solid build quality this watch is perfect for anyone who wants to stay on top of their fitness and health goals. It also offers 90 different sports modes, making it an ideal choice for anyone who loves to stay active.


    Realme Watch 2 Features

    Smart  Control System

    Dynamic Lightweight Design

    Large Display

    IP68 Water Resistance

    Blood Oxygen & Heart Rate Monitor

    90 Sports Mode


    Realme Watch 2 Specifications


    257.6  x 35.7 x 12.2 mm




    1.4 inch 

    320 x 320 pixel






    Heart Rate


    Blood Oxygen

    Water Reminder


    Operating System

    Android 5.0+  

    iOS 11.0



    315 mAh

    12  Days



    Bluetooth 5.0


    Realme Watch 2 Overview

    The Realme Watch 2 is a smartwatch that boasts a range of impressive features. With a dynamic and lightweight design, this watch is comfortable to wear and easy to use. The large display offers easy viewing of all of your important information, while the IP68 water resistance ensures that you can wear it in any weather condition. The blood oxygen and heart rate monitor make it easy to keep track of your health, and the watch offers 90 different sports modes to choose from, making it perfect for any fitness enthusiast. Whether you're a runner, a swimmer, or a yoga practitioner, the Realme Watch 2 has got you covered. With all of these features and more, the Realme Watch 2 is a must-have for anyone who wants to stay on top of their health and fitness goals while enjoying the convenience and style of a modern smartwatch.


    Look over the specifications of the Realme Watch 2 in the “Specification” part.


    Realme Watch 2 price in Bangladesh

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