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Plextone G30 Dual Mode Gaming Headset

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    Plextone G30 Dual Mode Gaming Headset

    Plextone G30 is the ideal Earphone for gamers looking for lightweight comfort, superior sound quality, and added convenience to play with several kinds of devices. It's very comfortable in your ear and its mic rotates at a 120-degree angle for a better fit. A combination of different filters delivers you sound clarity, a sound shock feeling, and splendid ambient noise isolation while you are playing games or listening to music. 


    Plextone G30 Dual Mode Gaming Headset

    Sound Card 

    Live Dual Mode

    Shielding Wire

    Noise Cancelling Mic 


    Plextone G30 Dual Mode Specifications


    Detachable Microphone


    Extension Cable

    3.5mm Audio Extension Cable


    Audio Adapter Cord 

    3.5mm Audio Adapter Cord



    Game & LIVE Dual Mode


    Plextone G30 Dual Mode Gaming Headset Key Features

    The Plextone G30 headset boasts an enhanced DSP audio chip that can adjust rhythm in real time and filter out ambient noise and external sound effects, allowing for detailed sound reproduction during gaming. Its mechanical-shaped earbuds and unique color combination of red, green, and black-gray give it a stylish and cool outlook. Additionally, the attached mic utilizes premium noise reduction technology to transmit high-quality communication with great sensitivity, and the long flexible design allows for easy microphone angle adjustments. With extensive compatibility across devices such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Desktop Computer, and more, the Plextone G30 can be used without any connection disturbances. Finally, the wire is protected by a copper mesh and copper foil shielding system, ensuring a reliable and visually pleasing experience.

    Know the full specifications of G30 Dual Microphone Gaming Headset Headphones from the “Specifications” bar.


    G30 Dual Microphone Gaming Headset Price in Bangladesh

    G30 Dual Microphone Gaming Headset price in Bangladesh is BDT. Plextone G30 provides blemishing sound experience to the listeners especially while they are gaming.  


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