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OnePlus Bullets Earphone

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    OnePlus Bullets Earphone

    The OnePlus Bullets Earphone is a premium-quality earphone that offers a superior audio experience through its numerous excellent features. Equipped with built-in ADC & DAC, as well as dynamic drivers, it delivers excellent sound quality. Additionally, its solid build quality, which is both lightweight and durable, ensures that you can experience this audio excellence in comfort. Altogether, these features blend seamlessly to produce an awesome sound experience that you will enjoy.


    OnePlus Bullet Earphone Key Features

    Great Audio Quality with Built-in DAC

    Comfortable With

    Too easy to control 


    OnePlus Bullet Earphone Specification At A Glance




    Driver Units






    Cable Length










    OnePlus Bullet Earphone Overview

    The OnePlus Bullet Earphone is designed to provide an immersive and detailed listening experience, thanks to its excellent internal DAC with high-res audio compatibility. Its high-quality film diaphragm enhances the authenticity and immediacy of sound, making it perfect for exploring the world of music. Additionally, the flat-wire cables, made from durable Karbon fiber, are tangle-free, providing convenience to the user.


    The build quality of the earphone is exceptional, as only earbuds that pass rigorous quality checks, including temperature resistance and plug durability, are deemed suitable for shipping. This ensures that the earphone is reliable and comfortable to wear for extended periods.


    The earphone's in-line remote control, with three buttons, makes it easy to stop music and answer calls without removing the phone from your pocket. The left and right channels reproduce sound separately, capturing each note precisely and reducing noise. As a result, phone conversations sound much better because the MIC signal is removed from the channels.


    Overall, the OnePlus Bullet Earphone is a great choice for anyone looking for excellent audio quality, convenient controls, and reliable build quality.


    Know the full specifications of the OnePlus Bullet Earphone Headphones from the “Specifications” bar.


    OnePlus Bullet Earphone Price in Bangladesh

    OnePlus Bullet Earphone price in Bangladesh is BDT. The OnePlus Bullet Earphone provides you with outstanding audio performance yet is very affordable in price.


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