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OnePlus Buds Ace ANC Earbuds

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    OnePlus Buds Ace ANC Earbuds

    The OnePlus Buds ACE is an excellent choice for both music lovers and gamers, providing dynamic deep bass and accurate hearing position for an immersive listening experience. With pro-gaming-grade seamless Bluetooth connectivity and mega battery life, it is perfect for uninterrupted listening and gaming sessions.


    OnePlus Buds ACE ANC Features

    • Comes With Dynamic Deep Bass
    • More Accurate Hearing Position
    • Pro-gaming-grade Seamless Bluetooth Connectivity
    • Mega Battery Life with fast charging
    • Super Comfort With Immersive Listening


    OnePlus Buds ACE ANC Specifications


    67.99 x 28.9 x 35.5mm

    4.7 g


    Noise Cancellation

    Noise Control Mode

    Call Noise Reduction




    Version 5.3


    Battery (BUDS)

    Up to 5 Hours(With NC)

    Up to 7 hours (Without NC)

    41 mAh


    OnePlus Buds ACE ACE ANC Overview

    The OnePlus Buds ACE is a top-notch earphone designed for gamers, audiophiles, and anyone who values superior audio quality. This earphone boasts dynamic deep bass that delivers an immersive listening experience. 


    Its accurate hearing position ensures that you can hear sounds with precision, while its seamless Bluetooth connectivity ensures that you can connect and stay connected to your devices without interruptions. 


    Additionally, its mega battery life with fast charging ensures that you can enjoy long listening sessions without worrying about running out of juice. The earphone's super comfort also means that you can wear them for hours on end without feeling any discomfort. 


    Overall, the OnePlus Buds ACE is a perfect fit for anyone who values great sound quality and a comfortable listening experience.



    Know the full specifications of OnePlus Ace ANC Earbuds from the “Specifications” bar.


    OnePlus Buds ACE Price in Bangladesh

    The latest OnePlus Buds ACE ANC price in Bangladesh starts from BDT. You can enjoy an excellent audio experience with a magnificent outlook by OnePlus Buds ACE ANC.


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