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Kieslect KR Calling Smart Watch

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    Kieslect KR Calling Smart Watch

    Kieslect KR Calling Smart Watch is the world's third smartwatch with a 2-in-1 core calling chip, offering Bluetooth phone calls and a music player. It has a password-protected slim design with built-in games, SpO2 and heart rate monitors, and 70 workout modes. Its sleek and slim fit design makes it an attractive option for anyone looking for a smartwatch.


    Kieslect KR Calling Smart Watch Key Features

    Awesome Calling Features

    70 Sport Modes

    Health Features 

    Strong Build Quality

    Elegant Design


    Kieslect KR Calling Smart Watch Specifications


    1.32 inch semi AMOLED Display

    360 x 360 pixels 




    45.7mm x12.1mm



    280 mAh



    Magnetic Charger 



    IP68 Waterproof



    70 Sports mode



    VC32S Heart Rate Sensor


    Kieslect KR Calling Smart Watch OverView

    Kieslect KR Calling Smart Watch is a powerful smartwatch that comes with some amazing features. It has a potent 2-in-1 Core Calling Chip that performs dual operations of Bluetooth data transfer and Bluetooth voice transmission. The single chip's 30% reduced power consumption makes it equivalent to the top 10 thin calling watches. With this smartwatch, you can make quick, reliable, and energy-efficient calls.


    Apart from its calling feature, the KR watch features built-in 70 sports modes, covering daily and professional sports categories. It provides a variety of sports-related statistics to satisfy the varied demands of various sports organizations. Additionally, it has some extraordinary health features that record accurate health data, such as Blood Oxygen Testing, Heart Rate Monitoring, Sleep Monitoring, Female Health Tracking and Monitoring, and Stress Monitoring.


    The watch also comes with some fantastic features such as built-in games, customizable dial, stopwatch, incoming call, calculator, weather forecast, hour meter, raise wrist to brighten the screen, low battery reminder, electric torch, find phone, sedentary reminder, sports record, do not disturb, and alarm clock reminder.


    In conclusion, the Kieslect KR Calling Smart Watch is a powerful and versatile smartwatch that offers a wide range of features. It is suitable for individuals who want to stay fit, healthy, and connected while on the go.



    The technical specifications of Kieslect KR Calling Smart Watch from the “Specifications” bar right beside the Description bar.


    Kieslect KR Calling Smart Watch Price in Bangladesh

    The latest Kieslect KR Calling Smart Watch price in Bangladesh starts from BDT. It gained popularity for its user-friendly features, elegant outlook and especially the calling feature.


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