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iPhone 11

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    iPhone 11

    iPhone 11 is a combination of everything but in a proper amount. It holds a completely new dual-camera system and a marvelous chipset.  It has the toughest glass in a smartphone and day-long battery backup. All these features make the iPhone 11 pioneer among recent flagships. 


    Alluring Design

    Magnificent Camera

    Sustainable Battery Life

    Powerful Performance

    Top-notch Security


    iPhone 11 - Overview


    Alluring Design

    iPhone 11 pro is a complete phone. Whether it comes to design or alluring colors. It packs a matte-finished back glass with perfectly fitted buttons. The round edge and the perfectly aligned dual camera make it even more beautiful. The design accomplishes with the colors. Black, Red, White, Yellow, Purple, Green every color makes the outlook different but still gorgeous. 


    Magnificent Camera

    Comes with two different cameras: Wide and Ultrawide. But both cameras do the same. Takes awesome photos.  Ultrawide mode increases the field of view more than four times. You can get a top-notch quality video. Furthermore, the night mode is surprising, you will get the best low-light pictures ever. 


    Sustainable Battery Life

    Comes with an upgraded non-removable battery with great battery life. In exact point, Li-Ion 3110 mAh non-remove-able battery. Alongside the battery, it holds a fast wired charging system. You can charge it fully with a charging cable in less than  1.5 hours. You can also charge the phone with a Qi wireless charger. 


    Powerful Performance

    The phone is among the greatest performances ever thanks to the newest A13 bionic chipset with a neural engine. The chipset is a smart chip that can sustain every feature in a wiser approach in addition to being a powerful performer. Particularly in terms of battery life.


    Top-notch Security

    Privacy concerns are a constant problem for iPhone. iPhone 11  did not modify anything. Your personal information is constantly in your hands thanks to the iPhone. Safari's smart blocking capabilities stop trackers from monitoring your browsing. It displays the banned information from your Privacy Report. So, whether you browse the web or use apps on your iPhone, it is entirely safe. Face Id is the most reliable lock solution when it comes to locking phones.


    Look over the specifications of the iPhone 11 in the “Specification” part.


    iPhone 11 Price in Bangladesh

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