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    Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

    Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 gives you an amazing more than smartwatch experience. It helps you to push yourself to the next level with its upgraded features.

    It can be your partner at crush workouts and it also helps you to reach your health goals. Moreover, you can put your to-do list on the Galaxy watch 4.


    Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Spectacular Features


    Workout Partner

    Galaxy Watch 4 can be your workout partner and helps you to bring your best in every workout. It is actually a wellness management system on your wrist. 


    Analyze Every Workout

    Watch 4 with its advanced workout-tracking technology can track your every workout session. It can capable of tracking every step that you take, and counting your calories. 6 popular workout activities including running, rowing, swimming, etc. are analyzed by t

    It also creates a dynamic workout challenge by connecting your friends altogether. These challenges work as a motivator to improve your exercise. 


    Body Composition Analysis

    It’s an exclusive smartwatch feature. Samsung galaxy watch 4 is the first smartwatch to analyze body composition. It can read the body fat amount, skeletal muscle measurement, body water measurement, basal metabolic rate, and body mass index.


    Be Healthy with Updated Health Features

    Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is a watch full of accurate health features such as the 24 hours heart rate with an ECG facility. 


    Accurate Heart Rate Monitor

    Galaxy Watch 4 tracks your heart for 24 hours. Not only tracks but also can analyze the heart rate with an accurate ECG feature. It also shows you and records all the data in the Samsung health monitoring app.


    Sleep Tracking

    It also has the ability to track your sleep and give you a sleep monitoring report after analyzing the sleeping data. 


    Blood Oxygen Level Measurement

    Galaxy Watch 4 gives you the opportunity to know the oxygen amount in your bloodstream. Oxygen saturation is directly connected with physical performance. It helps to analyze the saturation level and always updated you.


    Iconic Sleek Design

    Samsung Galaxy  Watch 4 comes with a pretty simple but iconic and elegant design. It covers with a streamlined aluminum metal frame. Connected with several types of bands like Hybrid Leather Band, and Sport band. All straps are made with high-quality materials that give you super comfort and sweat resistant surface. 


    Here Some More….

    Here are some more features that can make your daily life easier.

    Connected with Google

    Connected with Samsung Devices

    Text Messaging

    Alarm Clock 

    Phone Call


    You can check out  Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Specifications from the Specification section.


    Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Price in Bangladesh

    Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 price in Bangladesh starts from BDT. It was released in 2021 and gained popularity for its user-friendly features.


    Where to buy Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 in Bangladesh?

    Apple Gadgets is a reliable and popular name for buying all kinds of electronic gadgets in Bangladesh. You can buy your desired Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 at the lowest available price in BD. You can make the deal through Apple Gadgets Website or get it from the outlets. Surely you can get the best deal as well as quality after service.


    So, why are you being late? Grab Samsung Galaxy Watch 4  and explore the trend.


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