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Apple MagSafe Battery Pack

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    Apple MagSafe Battery Pack

    MagSafe, an elegant and slim battery pack, boasts a remarkably intuitive design tailored for charging iPhones. Its magnets possess impressive strength and impeccable alignment, ensuring effortless attachment and secure positioning of the iPhone.


    One remarkable advantage of MagSafe lies in its compatibility with lightning cables, allowing users to charge their phones through a simple connection between the cable and the MagSafe unit. For swift charging, a seamless link between MagSafe and a 20W adapter facilitates rapid power delivery, effectively replenishing both the MagSafe battery pack and the iPhone in a notably expeditious manner.


    How to Charge Your Device Via MagSafe?

    • Attach the compatible iPhone to the MagSafe, ensuring a secure connection.
    • The iPhone will commence charging automatically, utilizing the power stored in the MagSafe. Please note that the iPhone must be compatible with MagSafe for this charging method to work.




    iPhone 14 (Pro Max, Pro, 14 Plus, 14)

    iPhone 13 (Pro Max, Pro, 13 Mini, 13)

    iPhone 12  (Pro Max, Pro, 12 Mini, 12)


    Know the full specifications of Apple MagSafe Battery Pack from the “Specifications” bar.


    Apple MagSafe Battery Pack Price in Bangladesh

    The latest Apple MagSafe Battery Pack  Price in Bangladesh starts from 11000 BDT. This can be the best option to charge your iPhone on the go.


    Where to buy Apple MagSafe Battery Pack in Bangladesh?

    Apple Gadgets — a prominent name in the Bangladeshi gadget-selling market. You can buy any gadget from this trustworthy and reliable gadget seller. Many gadgets and multiple purchasing systems make it convenient for customers to find their desired gadgets.


    Apart from having several outlets, they also have an online platform to sell gadgets and accessories. So, it opens up two options for customers. Either you grab your gadget including  Apple MagSafe Battery Pack from a retail outlet or just place an order on the Apple Gadgets website. 


    So, make a run and grab your desired products from Apple Gadgets.


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